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Search W/ILF

This option is similar to the normal Application Explorer Search, except it allows you to search for a combination of a constant and an ILF verb. In this example, we are searching for all REWRITE commands that reference the file RESER1. As with the normal search, you can also include other applications from the same version. In this context, a 'constant' could also be a file or field name.

You also have the option of ignoring the specified constants if they appear in ILF comment lines (either the '*' ILF verb, or a 'C' in the first T/F position) and performing a case sensitive search or not. You can choose to print a report of hits, or have a hyperlink display appear, or both. The hyperlink display allows you to jump directly to the hit in Application Design.

Once you specify this information, you will be given the option of searching other applications in the same version. A status display will show the system progress as it searches the Application Design Files, and finally the report or hyperlink display will be produced.

A sample hyperlink display follows:

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The display shows the constant that was found, and where it was found. The system displays the event point for the currently selected hit just above and to the left of the 'Jump' button, in this case POST PCF UPDATE. The 'Jump' button would take you to the currently selected process at the point where the constant was found. In this case, it would take you to the INPUT process called ORGANIZATIONS in application EM6, and position you in the POST PCF UPDATE event point at the point where the REWRITE RESER1 occurs.

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