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Hyperlink View

This display shows a sample display from the Hyperlink View utility. In this example, we first see all the processes in application EM6, version WC.

In this case, the display has been positioned to the input process types. The PCF column shows the PCF file name, so we could also view the processes by their PCF. The 'No of Parents' is a count of the number of 'objects' that reference the selected process. We use the term 'objects' because these references could be other processes, Direct Menus, Default Inputs, User Start Up menus, and so on. A line of asterisks would indicate the process does not have any references.

The 'Parents' button would allow us to instantly see the list of 'objects' that reference the selected process. Click here to see a sample 'Parent' display.

The 'Children' button would allow us to see any child processes attached to the selected process. The features available while viewing the child processes are the same as when viewing the parent processes.

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