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This display shows all the automatic and optional processes called by the INPUT called RESERVATIONS.

The 'Children' button would allow us to see all the children for the currently selected process. We would get a display similar to this, but with the currently selected process as the new parent process, and from there we could continue to drill deeper, or use any of the other options on this screen.

The 'Print' button would give us a report of all the child processes, and their child processes, etc, in an indented, easy to read format. You can also point this utility at the main menu for your application and get a complete printed 'map' of all the processes and their children.

Processes and subroutines that are invoked directly via ILF code are also included in the display. For these types of processes, the Event Point they are invoked in is displayed just above the buttons, in this case the subroutine called REQUIRE EVENT ACCESS is called in the START OF PROCESS event point for the INPUT RESERVATIONS.

The 'Jump to Location' button will take us to the point in the parent process where the selected process is called. In this example, it would take us to the INPUT process called RESERVATIONS in application EM6, START OF PROCESS Event Point, and position the cursor at the GOSUB EM6 REQUIRE EVENT ACCESS line. At that point we would be in Application Design, and we could make any design changes we wanted.

The 'Jump to Process' button is similar, except it takes to the currently selected process. In this example, we would be taken to the subroutine REQUIRE EVENT ACCESS in application EM6.

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